Italy, Part Uno, continued

Saturday October 13: We began the day with espresso of course! We explored the neighborhood this morning, found mom and dad’s B&B, took the bus to the train station, then the shuttle to the airport and waited for their arrival. They were tired and happy to...

Buon Giorno! Italy, part uno

Well I finally got a strong enough wi-fi signal to sign into the blog! Of course my connectivity did not go according to plan, but here I am and hello! Welcome to Italy! I will be able to keep you more up to date from now on, so these first entries are a bit long,...

Do we love food enough?

Folks have been noticing that I have dropped a significant amount of weight over the past year. Everything has changed for me and while this has not been an easy journey, I am learning different things every day. I don’t know what ‘switched’ on (or...