An independent café in Silverdale, Nourishing our community!


We are open and available for curbside or in-store pick-up/take-out orders, as well as delivery. Call 360 698 2991

In healthy times we value consistency and feel it is super important to keep our hours reliable for you. These days we are adjusting our hours as needed, with the following changes until further notice:

Monday-Thursday 7 am-5 pm; Fridays & am-6 pm; Saturdays 8 am-4 pm
Sometimes we may close earlier, if there isn’t enough business to keep the doors open for a few more hours. We know you are understanding and patient, and we never want to let you down! We are always there awhile after we close to clean everything and get prepped for tomorrow. Please feel free to call, or knock, and if we are there and can help, we will!

If things change and more business is demanded in the evenings we will adapt! In the meantime, all you have to do is call and we will be available for you.

Oh! AND, happy hour is still always the last hour of business, no matter what time we close. If there are any pastries or loaves of bread left from the morning bake you get them half-off! PLUS coffee drinks are half-off at happy hour, too!

Stock up on Friday and we will see you again bright and early Monday morning.


Check us out on Instagram @monicascafe and Facebook @MonicasWaterfrontBakeryCafe for our daily features, and weekly Special Dinner Menu!


Go HERE to view our menus, and our Stay Home Stay Healthy menu and guide.

Call or stop by to order a Monica’s reusable gift card. You earn 5% cash back each time you use it to pay, along with other occassional perks. Get one for yourself, a loved one, a community member, or donate one to our neightbors in need.


To our Beloved Community Family,
We want to put your mind at ease about our vigilant practices to keep us all healthy. Monica’s team believes your good health and ours is of paramount importance. Some of the extra precautions we are taking (even more than usual) include:

  • Continuous monitoring of recommendations by the government and Kitsap Public Health, so we can make smart decisions which best support the health and safety of our guests, team, and community.
  • Extra time and focus on cleaning and sanitizing all shared surfaces, especially door handles, bathroom fixtures, and tables.
  • Wearing masks and gloves when working the front of our house.
  • Screening each employee’s health, daily.
  • Offering paid time off to encourage our team to stay home and rest if they are showing signs of any illness.
  • Continued and increased hand-washing.
  • Continued reminders and training for our team on proper methods of cleaning and sanitation.
  • Providing delicious foods made from scratch, with the highest quality ingredients
  • Offering healthy options every day.
  • Happily customizing your order to support your health goals in the most delicious way possible.

We Are Here For You
Monica’s is open for take-out, including ‘curb-side’ pickup, and delivery. Even with no ‘for here’ dining allowed, we can still be your go-to source for a great meal or treat.

We have many ways to customize our business to your needs and are always open to your requests and ideas. Feel free to call ahead and pay by phone for quick and easy pick-up, or dine-in! We are always happy to package your meals to go, and of course, we will bring it out to your car if you are not comfortable coming in. 

We prefer gift cards to credit cards and you get 5% back when you use our gift cards. You can load your card up or use it to pay in-store, or by phone. Business checks and credit cards are ok, too.

Whether you are in need, or looking for small ways to help, our “Suspended Coffees” program is right up your alley. Our customer family pays it forward by donating to this program, and others use it for any meal they need, not just coffee. If you are in difficult financial times, have an isolated neighbor or loved one you want to take food to, and especially if you have children reliant on school meals and you can’t get to them, we’ve got you. Just tell us “I would like to use the suspended coffee card” and we will make sure you get what you need.

Why Are we Doing This?
We’re devoted to the well-being of our patrons and want to make it less stressful for you to be isolated or quarantined during these surreal times. We love our staff and want to keep them as fully employed as possible. We want to do all we can to help slow the spread of the virus in our community. We want to keep enough money moving through the company to assure we’ll still be in business when life returns to something more “normal”. Plus, we know many in our community are suffering and it is our goal to help. If we stay informed, take sensible precautions, and give one another the compassion we all deserve, we can make the best of this new reality.

By the way, while amplified during Covid19 concerns, these ideals and practices are always true for us. We are here to nourish our community and we mean it! Our business purpose is to Inspire Others, and our mission is to Nourish our community, through engaged relationships. If you don’t do well, neither do we. Our small business appreciates your support more than ever in the face of this economic challenge and we can’t wait to see you here! If you have any questions please call us at (360) 698-2991, email, or DM us on social media.

Love, Monica & Team


We have the greatest team in the universe and we appreciate our customers above all; YOU are the backbone of this café. Thank you very much for your support and contributions to this wonderful place!

We prepare our made-from-scratch menu with fresh ingredients. We support local and organic suppliers; in addition we strive towards earth friendly practices. You’ll be glad you stopped by!

Monica and Mark Downen, At Your Service

About Our Food

Our menu has been crafted using excellent quality, fresh, house-made foods.
We support local, independent farmers & suppliers, and we strive towards earth-friendly, sustainable practices. We love to delight our customer family with a wide range of deliciousness. Many of our products are healthful, some are indulgent, and all are fabulous ways to treat yourself!




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2010 AND 2017 Silverdale Chamber of Commerce

Thank you to every one of you for this great honor!

West Sound Home & Garden Reader’s Choice Awards

Best: Lunch, Bakery, Deli Sandwiches, Desserts, and Favorite Small Business

Best of Central Kitsap Awards
Best Bakery 2007-2019

Similarly, our other “Best of Central Kitsap” awards include:
Favorite Business, Best Catering, Best Lunch, Best Deli, Best Sandwich, Best Dessert, Best Wine List & Best Art Gallery!