My vegetarian friends and family may want to skip these first two paragraphs, as they are quite meaty. For those who read on you may know that I could be a vegetarian. My general eating habits very often tend that way and I actually have a difficult time eating ‘food with a face’ as they say. I have tried the eating habits of vegans, raw foods, vegetarians, gluten-free, and dairy-free at different times and in fact I think it is important to cleanse my system a couple of times a year with the more extreme eating styles listed here. When I do eat animal proteins I want to know where they come from and that they are pure, whole foods. Last Thursday we took an extreme pork tour at the ‘Pig and Beer’ dinner atMor Mor Bistro and Bar in Poulsbo. John Nesby is the chef/owner and his wife Laura is his partner in the business as well as in life. They are a wonderful young couple who seem to have boundless energy and we look to them as mentors and friends. They host wine dinners every month but on Thursday it was a beer dinner. Pig and beer! 5 amazing courses of pork, each paired with a different ale from Port Townsend Brewery and MAN WAS IT GREAT!

John values locally sourced foods and his pork is no exception to that rule. Each preparation was carefully thought out and highlighted the different styles of pork wonderfully. My favorite by a slight margin (and it was hard to choose!) was the papperadelle pasta with a pork ragu and truffle pepper sauce…mmmmmmmmmm. We even had bacon for dessert!!! What could be better than that? We don’t get to go to very many events like that because of our work hours and we felt very lucky to be able to get out for that wonderful dinner. If you haven’t been to Mor Mor, even if it isn’t for a prix fixe dinner, go!

Our wine tasting on Friday was a great success and I think everyone had a wonderful time. The Cave B wines showcased beautifully and the standout favorite was the Semillon. Those who prefer white wine find it to be completely different from anything else they have tried, and red wine drinkers love this wine! They say the Semillon is the “red wine drinkers’ white wine” and it is the wine that our guests bought the most of. It was really fun to compare and contrast the wines and then enhance them with the different foods that we offered. I love doing the open house style tastings and since this was the first one I have done since June I had a fabulous time. It is really great to be getting back into the swing of things! We still have plenty of the Cave B wines for sale at the cafe. If you are interested ask for the tasting notes and we will be glad to show you the wines! The next wine event is Thursday, November 20th, and it will be the final event of the year. Check out our web site for more information.

Do you know about the brand new theaters in Gig Harbor? The Galaxy Uptown Theatres offer Monday Night Football for anyone who wants to come in and watch on the giant movie screen. It doesn’t cost anything (the NFL would not sanction that) and you can purchase beer right in the theater, along with any of the foods offered at the snack stand. My parents met us there last night so that we could see what this was all about. I thought it would be fun but I had no idea how great it would be to watch the game on this giant screen! I used to be a football fanatic and over the years at my other job I always had to work and could never watch the games so I sort of got out of it. I still love a good game, and now that the Sonics are gone I need a game to watch. sigh…but I digress. Watching the game on the giant movie screen immerses you right into it and you cannot help but get into it! (Plus, last nights’ game was action packed!!!) Now that alone might make it worthwhile. The expensive beers, notsomuch, but here is the clincher: FANTASTIC PRIZES! You get a raffle ticket when you go in and at different intervals throughout the game (during commercials) they call out numbers for folks to win prizes. They gave away things like dinner for two at Anthony’s; brunch for 2 at Anthony’s; $20 certificate at Cutter’s Point (local coffee roaster); massage certificates; a room at the Gig Harbor Inn; and several other prizes ranging from free pizza to movie tickets, football jerseys, hats, free concessions at the theatre, and on and on. There were not very many people there so the odds of winning something were really good! My mom won brunch for 2 an Anthony’s and Mark won the $20 Cutter’s Point certificate. We will go back due to the prize potential and the great screen. It’s a fun time so get some friends together and go!

Mark and I are going to Las Vegas on Thursday. We haven’t been there in 15 years, and it isn’t a place we would normally choose to go for a relaxing weekend. Our good friend Nikki is turning 40 and she wants to celebrate in the Sin City, so here we go, cuz we love Nikki! Mark is now the King of Promo Codes and we got deals galore! We will see Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Ka’, check out the world-class chili competition, and do some serious dining, among other things! We have a list of cafes and bakeries to check out (always looking for new ideas) and a list of restaurants that I still have to pare down before we get there. It’s so hard!!! We will let you know how it all goes in the blog next week.

If you have any ideas for us while we are there let me know, quick! Have a wonderful week!