I am finally coming out of the fog. Last week is such a blur that I told someone today that my ankle surgery was last Wednesday, when in fact it will be 2 weeks ago on Wednesday. I am on much milder painkillers and therefore in more pain; my mind seems to be clearing and that is a great thing. I am even going to make some calls tomorrow to people I owe them to! This is a big step!

I don’t really have any great food posts since I have not been out of the house these days. My parents came over on Saturday after a weekend in Seattle and they brought dinner from the Pike Place Market. Fresh crab and prawns; Octopus, cheese, bread, olives and almonds, along with some wonderful nectarines and cherries. This is how we love to eat: fresh, lots of different items to pick at… now called ‘small plates’ everywhere else, and ‘Tapas’ in Spanish restaurants. My family has loved dining like this forever.

We have roots in Basque country, perhaps that is why? I don’t know for sure, but Mark loves it too and he does not have roots in Spain, that is for sure! Mom and dad went to a restaurant in Seattle last weekend calledTxori and they loved it. When they were in Spain the foods of the San Sebastian region were their favorites and this little restaurant is based on that area. They highly recommend this place if you love really great tapas; I cannot wait to try it myself!

My nephew is here for the month to work at the cafe and after I got my new cast yesterday we went to Silver City Brewery for an early dinner. It was my first outing since the surgery and it was a big day for me! Travis asked me what sort of place it was (he is not an adventurous eater) and I had to think about what he could relate it to. He is 14 and like most of America doesn’t automatically think local first. I described it as “sort of along the lines of a Red Robin in atmosphere with way better food.” I explained to him that since it is independently/locally owned we like it even more. Plus they brew their own root beer and ginger ale, the only 2 sodas I like! (I love their award winning beer, too, but that ain’t happening while on the pain pills.) We all enjoyed our meals and the ginger ale did not let me down. Trav does not enjoy carbonated beverages so he was thrilled to hear they have strawberry-lemonade!

Since I have had to cancel all our wine events this month, along with my grand ideas for expanded hours and an evening menu, I will be searching for some great food to talk about here. The next event that I am looking forward to in our personal life is a stay at the Cave B Inn at Sagecliffe(near the gorge at George, WA). I won a stay and dinner through theChef’s Collaborative and I can’t wait to tell you about it! That is in a couple of weeks. Then we have the Great Peninsula Future Festival at the beginning of August. You should come check it out and get some cookies!

Do you have some great food to talk about? Let me know!