Does someone love you enough to have given you a Monica’s gift card?

Have you loaded one up for yourself?

All of Monica’s gift cards act as rewards cards! Even if you no longer have a monetary balance on your card, you will still earn points with every meal purchase. You can track your balance online, but you don’t have to do anything; we keep track of everything for you! Simply present your card each time you make a purchase and we will add your points on. If you want to maintain a monetary balance, we will take care of that for you, too! No need to carry cash or credit cards, just your Monica’s card!

LEVEL 1 (25 points): A Free Cookie OR Coffee Drink

LEVEL 2 (50 points): A Free Dessert

LEVEL 3 (75 points): Free Dessert AND Beverage

LEVEL 4 (100 points): A Free Meal! Dessert AND Beverage Included.

LEVEL 5 (150 points): 2 Free Meals!! Desserts AND Beverages Included!

The fine print: You earn points for your own meals, or the equivalent. Any exceptions are at our discretion. Catering, special orders, special events, wine and bulk orders do not generally earn points. See the back of your card for other disclaimers.