Buona Sera! I don’t think I can write much, we are on a train from Florence to Cinque Terre and my signal keeps fading, plus typing on a moving train w/the computer on my lap is much trickier than one would think!

WE JUST PASSED THE TOWER OF PISA!! We didn’t stop, maybe we will on Friday when we go back to Florence for our last day in Italy. I know I have missed a couple of days of the tour and I will get them in here…

Teaser: Great food and wine! Lots of time on the bus, thank goodness we love Fabio, and San Gemignano is NOT my favorite place. Siena may be, but we did not have the time there that we hoped to. I was sad about that….

We miss you! Back on Saturday and hopefully a good enough connection to fill in the blog blanks before then.

Ciao for now!!!