It’s always nice to come home! We had a fantastic weekend at the Cave B Inn at Sagecliffe, which is adjacent to the concert area of the gorge in George, WA. We dined a few times at their restaurant called Tendrils, toured the grounds, visited the tasting room and I got a facial at the spa. It was very relaxing (I read a whole book!) and the staff was very accomodating.

We arrived around 5 on Thursday and there was a concert going on. We found out that this was what is called a ‘festival weekend’, so the music was going on 3 stages ALL day, every day, Thursday-Sunday. You could hear it clearly in some areas of the grounds, and in other areas you only heard the thumping bass. Luckily, we had a cavern room, and we did not hear it at all in the room and only very slightly on our view porch. I am sure you can hear it from some of the cliff houses and I know you could hear it in the lobby, the restaurant and the spa. I felt very lucky that the room was quiet (except for the blaring tv at 2am but that was a neighboring room, not the concert).

The grounds are expansive to say the least, it is an estate winery, which means the grapes are grown here (as well as other fruits in an orchard) then the wine is made and bottled as well as sold on the grounds. You can stroll through the vineyards, check out the chef’s garden, play in the beautiful pool, and hike down to the river. (It’s the Columbia for you folks who aren’t familiar with the area.)

The grounds of Sagecliffe are a work in progress with years ahead of them before it is finished. We were not able to park near our room but they told us that they would shuttle us around anywhere we wanted to go, any time we wanted to go there. They came and got the car after Mark unloaded it and valet parked it for the weekend. This is a service they offer to everyone and it made it so much nicer for me, being on crutches and all.

The rooms are gorgeously appointed and I got a bubble bath in the HUGE soaking tub, which is the epitome of indulgence for me! The shower was large enough for the shower chair that we brought from home, the bed was comfy and the chaise lounge fit through the door so I got to sit outside and be the Queen of All I Observed.

The food we ate was wonderful! Chef Divina has created an intimate feel with a small menu of regionally produced foods. Everything was prepared with thought and care, from the simple and refreshing salads to the impeccably cut steaks. The standout dish for me was the manila clams in a green Thai curry and coconut milk. MAN those were awesome! Mark and I both wanted more of that.

The wines are what surprised us the most, though. We went there thinking about the resort rooms and the food, the wine was really an after-thought for us. The first night we tasted the Semillon and it was THE BEST semillon I have ever touched my lips to. Mind you Mark and I both lean toward the bigger, bolder red wines of the world so this was a wonderful surprise for us! The differences between their unoaked and oaked chardonnay’s were stunning to taste side by side! The syrah was peppery like no other syrah I have had and I fell in love with that one, too. They self-distribute their wines and mainly sell right there on the property. The prices are the same whether you buy the bottle with dinner in the restaurant or from the tasting room! We bought a mixed case and for the first time ever for us over half of that case was white wine.

There is not a good way for me to get the wines to the restaurant so I do not foresee a tasting any time soon (unfortunately) but if you get a chance to go out there even for a day I highly recommend a visit to their tasting room.

That was our very relaxing weekend (in a nutshell, albeit a larger nut) and I cannot thank the Seattle Chef’s Collaborative enough! We would probably not have been able to enjoy a weekend at the Cave B Inn had they not drawn our name to win the stay and the timing was SO perfect! Thank goodness I have an amazing staff that can take care of things for us while we try to heal and relax.

So what are some of your favorite indulgences? Tell me what makes you purr like a contented kitten!