I was lucky enough to be able to get out a bit last week. My friend Dot took me for a long over-due hair cut in Port Orchard. I have been going to Janet Lewis for over 10 years now and she has opened her own salon called ‘It’s My Style’ at 3170 Seiford Av SE (just off Lund)and I highly recommend her. Then Dot and I went for lunch at Blondie’s. It was my first daylight trip into the restaurant and I got a great view of their stunning fireplace! The surround is layered in gorgeous stone and goes all the way to the super high ceiling. There is a water feature built in to the top 1/3 of the surround and it looks like it is carved right out of the stone. The colors are gorgeous; it is the most beautiful focal point I have seen, maybe in any restaurant.

The menu at Blondie’s is unique and interesting, the few dishes I have tried cooked very well and seasoned perfectly. They do not have salt and pepper on the tables, which I love, because it forces you to trust the chef to know the seasonings. (One of my pet peeves is when someone salts and/or peppers a dish before even tasting it!) I love my fries salty, and they did not disappoint! One night I had a seafood salad and the scallops were cooked perfectly. This may sound simple, but it is so often over-done! It is dark and romantic in the evening (but you can’t really see the fireplace, it is not lit up at night) and seems more business lunch in the afternoon. It is really nice in there.

We met friends for dinner at Amy’s On The Bay in Port Orchard on Thursday. We wanted to hear the outdoor concert so we sat out on the patio for our dinner and visit, and it was a lovely evening. The best dish of the evening, and in my opinion on their menu, was the Ahi Poke. My friend Kat and I shared a few appetizers and a salad for dinner and the poke was the best! The chunks of tuna were far larger than I have had other places; the accoutrements were perfectly proportioned; the flavors were rich and lovely, yet let the beauty of the tuna show through. It was the best poke I have had! (No, I have never been to Hawaii.) They have it on menu as an entree and I will do that next time!

Last but not least by any means is the Agate Pass Cafe. I still haven’t had the pleasure (I am hoping to go for my birthday or our upcoming anniversary) but Eva and Jim went back a few times! They really love that place and Eva was sweet enough to write another report, so I will paste that in below.

I would love to hear about your favorite dishes and/or restaurants, where do you like to eat?
Hi Monica,

It’s Eva writing again about the Agate pass Cafe. Well, Jim and I have been there for brunch three times and amazingly, Jim ordered something other than a hamburger last Sunday. We both ordered the BLT which is anything but your everyday BLT. The cafe uses thick bacon, arugula, tomato plus a fried egg on top of grilled artisan bread. Two thumbs up.
We were sitting outside on the deck and after I mentioned that Lake Washington was right behind the tall buildings and viola…we could see the Blue Angels on a small scale. Then my lack of willpower for dessert turned into bread pudding nirvana and owner Stacy adamantly stated the recipe secret remains a secret. The bread pudding is gooey, moist, ‘cinnamony’ with a deliciously and dangerously potent bourbon sauce.

For the first time since discovering the cafe, it was dinner last night and another delicious meal. We initially sat at the bar since the place was packed and since we were sitting with a friendly couple, we chose to remain at the bar for the entire dinner.
I ordered trout and Jim, the ribeye steak. Needless to say, the trout was divine and the ribeye was perfect for my “steak and potatoes” husband.
Our nice bar mate even shared his meatloaf so Jim and I could taste…of course it was good.
Though we were quite full, we succumbed to bread pudding and after sharing a piece with my bar mates, I wrapped it to go due to a case of eyes being bigger than stomach syndrome.

Hope you get a chance to visit the Agate Pass Cafe soon..

Take care,
Eva & Jim