Yes it’s true we are. I admit this was a shameless attempt to get you to come to the blog, but we are indeed hiring. If you or anyone you know would make a great Monica’s Team Member, bring in a resume and pick up a copy of our letter to applicants. The search is on and it won’t be the last one this year!

I was just re-reading some of my earlier posts and while thinking about the very different parties we went to and how fun they were, I thought about a smaller ‘party’. I enjoy taking myself to a meal; when I do I am greeted (and treated) in many different ways. The one I am thinking of is when they approach you, the single diner, look around to see if you are alone or not, and then say “party of one”? It begs the question: Does one person make a party? Do two? I guess it depends on the ‘parties’ involved. I can certainly party down with myself, let me tell you!

I suppose it is better than when they ask “just you today”? Or “are you dining alone”? Because when they say these things they often do so in a way that implies you should be with someone else. I happen to love dining alone, it is usually just a quick bite out, but it is a rare moment of quiet anonymity that I really enjoy. Like a deep, slow breath that relaxes you from the inside out. But many people do not love to dine alone and I think those people might feel slightly chagrined when approached in these ways. So this is a call to all restaurants with wait-to-be-seated signs: Please greet single diners as if you are honored that they chose your restaurant to dine in, because you should be! A simple ‘May I seat you now?’ would be fine. Make eye contact and hold it (this is true for greeting everyone anyway) and DO NOT seat the single diner at the table in the middle of the room. Even I do not want that seat! Pay a little more attention to that diner, get them the menu, the water, and the daily specials information a little quicker because they do not have anyone to pass the time with, so the time that passes seems to go slower.

I have been daydreaming of going to the Agate Pass Cafe again. Have you gotten there yet? I hope you get there because you cannot miss out on their fabulous food! Mark and I are trying to decide if and where we shall go for Valentine’s night. We don’t normally make an event of that particular day, but we have the day off, so why not. We could go further a field if we wanted to, but I think we will either stay in or go to Brix 25 in Gig Harbor. It is close to home and the service is always spectacular, as well as the food. Thai or Indian food sound really good too, though… or sushi… oh I don’t know. It’ll be good ol ‘chips n egg’ (baked french fries and eggs over easy) tonight, maybe we will talk about it more then.

Speaking of fields, did you know that President Obama has not only decided on a chef (Chicago’s own Sam Kass who is only 28 years old!) who happens to be into the slow food movement. Now the President is also going to turn 5 acres of the White House South Lawn into an organic produce farm for the White House and local food banks. How awesome is that! A food legacy if I ever heard one. I have been following this story for a while now and I am so impressed with all those involved. The precedent that they are setting is phenomenal and it will help push that great cause right along here in the U.S. Hooray!

We will be running our “Dinner for Two, To Go” deal again this month. It is SUCH a good deal, I can’t believe more folks don’t take advantage of it. I will give it a run this month and see what happens. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve to try as well…keep your eyes peeled.

What will you do for Valentine’s Day? Where is your favorite “special occasion” place? Do tell!