People are always asking questions about why or how we do certain things at the cafe. One day I thought “I should do a blog! I can explain things about the restaurant, and answer questions in a casual forum”.

As I thought about this I realized that I could take it much further. I love to talk, hear, learn, prepare and eat food. And wine! We could really get a community discussion going about those things and more. I can get feedback from customers. I know a couple other restaurant owners, I bet they would weigh in once in a while… and we can promote each other’s events, too. Promoting local, independant businesses is another passion of mine.

The Kitsap area will be the main focus, but of course I want to know where great restaurants are everywhere, so there will be global input. I bet I could even educate people in our area, and beyond, about some things I know about, and they can teach me about other things… what a great concept!

I know I didn’t exactly invent the idea, yet I am new to blogs and I really don’t know much about them. So let’s just discuss and make this our own thing, no matter if it is done how others do it, or not. A few rules (and since I am a rule breaker, there will be very few rules), mainly for courtesy’s sake.

And yes, I consider these things to be common sense so if you post something that I feel is lacking in good sense or courtesy, I will pull it. So here are the rules:

Have Fun!!

Keep and open mind!

Do not be rude to others!

So here we go! Tell your friends and give me input and we will be sure to have some fun.

Talk to you soon! Cheers!