History of Old Town

Old Town Silverdale

Welcome to Old Town Silverdale – Founded in 1854. 

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Most people today know Silverdale only as the center of business and retail services, but Silverdale has a rich history spanning 156 years. You’ll ample evidence in the many historic building that line the streets of Old Town Silverdale where technology and old world charm and a beautiful waterfront setting make this a lovely place to spend for the day, overnight or the weekend.

A Brief History…

Silverdale was settled in 1854 by loggers who went on to expand operations into the valleys, building roads as they went. By the 1880s Scandinavian immigrants were moving into the area seeking work in the timber industry. As the timber production took the prime trees attention turned to farming.

Farming conditions were excellent and the family farms thrived. The Farmer’s Cooperative was formed in 1887. Dairy, chicken and hog farms abounded even through the middle 20th century.

The town was named in 1878 by Settler William Littlewood wanted to name the town Goldendale, but it turned out that another town bore that name. Instead of trying to find an entirely new name, he changed the “gold” to “silver” and named it Silverdale.

In the mid 1880’s steamer boats began making regular trips to Seattle from the Kitsap area and by 1900 the sloop “Telka” departed Silverdale for Seattle once a week. While The Silverdale Dock, located at what is now the Silverdale Waterfront, was the center of entertainment and commercial trade well into the 1900s. Remnants of its beginnings as an agricultural and timber center can be found at places such as the Old Mill Site on Bucklin Hill Rd.

Today Old Town Silverdale has a wide variety of shops, art galleries, cafés and panoramic waterfront views of Sinclair Inlet. The local favorite place to hike is the lovely Clear Creek Trail, which winds through the rest of Silverdale’s urban area.


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