Our good customer friends Eva and Jim checked out the Agate Pass Cafefor us and they really enjoyed it! Eva’s report is pasted in below and if you are like me it will make you want to get out there and try it!

Mark and I are off for our adventure weekend and boy has he earned a break! Taking care of the restaurant AND the house AND me… he is still saddled with me, but it will be fun and relaxing, and you will get a full report when we return.

So thank you Eva for writing this report! We will get there as soon as we can.

“Hi Monica,

Jim and I went on an outing on our trike yesterday ( Sun. 20th) and decided to have brunch at the Agate Pass Cafe. As we were riding on Miller Bay Rd., there was a sign stating the road was closed three miles…we still ventured on and right before the intersection where the restaurant was located there was a barrier. Nothing was going to stop us two hungry riders and we could either go through the barrier on dirt and gravel which was not an option for the three wheeled baby so we went up the street , turned left twice and back unto the main road for about a half block and then a left at Parkway St. Jim was thrilled to find a spot under a tree ( we don’t want the big red baby to be too hot!)

We were met at the doorway by one of the owners, Stacy and we immediately knew she was a “people person”. We felt at home.
Jim ordered an O’Douls and I had iced tea. Jim knew his meal would be a misty isle beef hamburger ( with frites…they taste better when called frites vs. french fries) and I couldn’t decide between the frittata and the Croque Madam and their very interesting version of a BLT.
After much discussion with Stacy., I choose the Croque Madam since Stacy kindly stated that I could get the mornay sauce on the side. This sandwich has yummy ham, gruyere cheese on grilled bread ( looks and tastes like an artisan loaf with crispy crust) with a fried egg on top. It came with salad greens or pomme frites. Salad green with a delicious vinaigrette for me. Jim proceeded to inhale the hamburger that was in a poppy seed kaiser roll…reminded me of my Philly days.
We had a chance to chat with Stacy throughout the meal and I mentioned that I saw the Agate Pass Cafe’ as a link on ‘Monica’s’ website and Stacy called her co owner partner, Marty over and both said they would be coming to Silverdale ASAP.
Since our eyes were way bigger than our stomachs, we cancelled our order for the French onion soup. That will be ordered next time and Jim will be taking me there for a delayed birthday dinner ( I was too sick and lost my sense of smell so no celebration dinner for me ).

Anyway Monica, it was a lovely way to spend the late afternoon until their closing time of 2:30. The restaurant is small though cozy and nicely decorated. There’s a small bar area too.
Jim and I will definitely return…need to try out more of the brunch menu as well as the interesting dinner choices.”