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Welcome to Monica's!  We are located in Historic Old Town Silverdale, in the bright yellow building across from the boat launch entrance to Waterfront Park. Our fresh, seasonal menu showcases excellent ingredients and delicious, home made food.

We support local and/or organic suppliers and we strive towards earth-friendly sustainable practices. You will be glad that you stopped by!

We have the greatest team in the universe and we appreciate our customers more than anything, as YOU are the backbone of this cafe. We are so grateful to each of you for your support and for your contributions to our wonderful place!

~Monica and Mark Downen At Your Service

If you would like to request a donation or join our team, click on our 'Contact' page for downloadable forms.


We appreciate you for choosing to spend your time and money at Monica's! Thank you for letting us feed you!
Here's to a delicious day, every day!

Thank you to Kitsap Bank for making this 15 second spot for us as part of the Edg3 Fund process! Check out these other fantastic short videos about Monica's on our 'About Us' page!

Our Mission Statement:

Nourishing our community through engaged

relationships, one customer at a time.

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We’re in the news! Monica wrote up a recipe for the local paper for Mushroom Ragout and it is SUPER DELICIOUS! It is great with any kind of mushrooms, especially a blend, so if you are going to get out and hunt Morels this Spring you should bring us some! Or you can make it yourself… You can read it HERE


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